Your Economy

Your Economy (YE)

YE is an online research tool used by academic researchers, policy makers, and economic development professionals to understand year-by-year trends in the US economy. Presented in convenient and easy to read graphs, subscribers can explore data at the national, state and local levels.

YE sets itself apart from other data sources by using an exclusive time-series establishment-level database from 2004 through the last complete year. 

YE can help policy makers, economic development professionals and entrepreneurship advocates, and researchers in a variety of ways. It reveals a more granular view of business activity in their regions and shows how their communities compare to others. It can identify important trends and provide relevant information to support economic-growth initiatives.

YE focuses on establishments that are “in-business” meaning they are, or intent on, conducting commercial activities. And even though it’s churning through a vast amount of information, YE’s charts and summaries are built for speed, easy navigation, and the ability to quickly draw your own conclusions about your economy.