YE Time Series

YE Time Series

Building a better economic resource

YE Time Series is an annual establishment-level, time series database used by academic researchers, policy makers, and economic development analysts following companies at their unique locations across the U.S. YE Time Series focuses on establishments that are “in-business” meaning they are intent on conducting commercial activities.

Our database tracks all establishments (and their jobs and sales), including for-profit (both privately-owned and publicly-traded), non-profits, and government establishments. YE Time Series is used to power the popular economic resource, as well as the private equity resource,

The COVID Pandemic brought rapid changes to most sectors of the economy. Our quarterly database provides the same information as the annual time series database with changes by establishment since Q1, 2020.

There is no other source of information with this level of detail available on a quarterly basis. Our model is based on actual data, not estimates. We are able to include all industries and establishment sizes in our regression analysis.

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YE Time Series was previously known as YTS.

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Number of data variables for ONE record (establishment) in YTS
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