Economic Developers

How many establishments are new or have moved into your community?

Which industries are expanding?

How does your community’s mix of businesses compare to your state as a whole?

You have questions, we have the answers. Business Dynamics Research Consortium helps local and regional economic development organizations to understand the businesses in your community. Our unique database tracks every establishment from sole proprietors to the largest businesses with information about employment, sales and location changes since 1999.

This wealth of information is ready to help you design and evaluate programs, answer questions from your board members, and understand trends and opportunities in your community.

Explore the products below to learn more about your economy.

Your Economy is an interactive website with access to graphs showing trends in number of establishments and number of jobs over time, by state, county and/or metro area. Understand trends in seconds via our powerful graphs.

YE Community Profile reports include over 25 graphs and charts showing trends and current snapshot information for your custom geographic region – compare your county to your state as a whole, get a close-up picture of specific zip code(s),  or request a report showing a custom region.

Is it time to schedule business retention and expansion visits, and you need to make sure you have updated contact information for all of the establishments in your community? We can help. Customized contact lists include executive names, titles, addresses, phone numbers and more.

Contact us to discuss your needs.