Recent Academic Publications Citing YE Time Series Data

DateAuthor(s)Title & LinkPublication
Long BuiShadow Banking and Branch Networks: An Analysis of
Lending Patterns and Strategic Branching Decisions in
the U.S. Mortgage Market
8/16/2023Megan Doherty BeaA Life Course Perspective of Community (Non)Investment: Historical Financial Service Trajectories and Community OutcomesJournal of Family and Economic Issues
7/17/2023Christophe Spaenjers, Eva SteinerSpecialization and Performance in Private Equity: Evidence from the Hotel Industry
7/4/2023Kyung Min Lee, 
John S. Earle, 
Lokesh Dani & 
Ray Bowman 
Who innovates during a crisis? Evidence from small businesses in the COVID-19 pandemicJournal of Evolutionary Economics
6/2023David Coyne,
Craig Johnson
Use of the Opportunity Zone Tax Incentive:
What the Data Tell Us
Working Paper, Office of Tax Analysis, U.S. Department of the Treasury
01/12/2023Sean J. Flynn Jr., Andra GhentDoes Main Street Benefit from What Benefits Wall Street?Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 
10/2022Zhanbing XiaoLabor Exposure to Climate Change and Capital Deepening
8/31/2022Yoojin Lee, Shaphan Ng, Terry J. Shevlin, Aruhn VenkatThe Intended and Unintended Deterrence Effects of Tax Whistleblower Laws: Evidence From New York’s FCA
8/2022Tung Xuan DangEssays on the Economics of Immigration and Intergenerational Mobility
Dissertation, Cornell University
6/17/2022Bo Bian, Yingxiang Li, Casimiro Antonio NigroConflicting Fiduciary Duties and Fire Sales of VC-backed Start-upsDFG Center for Advanced Studies – Foundations of Law & Finance (LawFin) Working Paper Series
5/2022Murillo Campello, Robert A. Connolly, Gaurav Kankanhalli, Eva SteinerDo real estate values boost corporate borrowing? Evidence from contract-level dataJournal of Financial Economics
2022Joanna ShawThe Effect of Sales Taxes on Location Decisions and Capital Market Outcomes: Evidence from Wayfair
Dissertation, Michigan State
4/18/2022Sharada Dharmasankar, Hoyoung YooAssessing the Main and Spillover Effects of Seattle’s Minimum Wage on Establishment Decisions
4/15/2022Jean-François Houde, Peter Newberry, Katja SeimNexus Tax Laws and Economies of Density in E-Commerce: A
Study of Amazon’s Fulfillment Center Network
Journal of the Econometric Society
3/11/2022Lorenzo Magnolfi, Corina Mommaerts, Natalia Serna, Christopher SullivanThe Rise of Urgent Care Centers: Implications for Competition and Access to Health Care
2022Blake Christian, Hank BerkowitzEnhancing Returns from Opportunity Zone Projects by Combining Federal, State, and Local Tax Incentives to Bolster Community Impact
Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research
12/13/2021Alina Arefeva, Morris A. Davis, Andra C. Ghent, Minseon ParkThe Effect of Capital Gains Taxes on Business Creation and Employment: The Case of Opportunity Zones
12/4/2021Gregg Fisher, Eva Steiner, Sheridan Titman, Ashvin Viswanathan
Location density, systematic risk, and cap rates: Evidence from REITs  
Real Estate Economics
11/10/2021Christophe Spaenjers, Eva SteinerThe Value of Specialization in Private Equity: Evidence from the Hotel Industry
HEC Paris Research Paper Series
9/24/2021Peter Eberhardt, Howard WialThe New Anchors: Corporate Engagement with Lower-Income Communities in Smaller Cities
7/16/2021Yifei Mao, Xuan Tian, Kailei YeResurrecting Dead Capital: The Sharing Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Job Creation
Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise Research Paper
6/14/2021Anuraag SinghModeling Technological improvement, Adoption and Employment effects of Electric Vehicles: A Review
5/1/2021Murillo Campello, Gustavo S. Cortes, Fabricio d’Almeida, Gaurav Kankanhalli
Exporting Uncertainty: The Impact of Brexit on Corporate America
National Bureau of Economic Research
4/9/2021Matthew Denes, Spyridon Lagaras, Margarita TsoutsouraFirst Come, First Served: The Timing of Government Support and Its Impact on Firms
February 2021Andra C.GhentWhat’s wrong with Pittsburgh? Delegated investors and liquidity concentration
Journal of Financial Economics
2021Kailei YeEssays in Corporate FinanceDissertation, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
December, 2020Mickaël Buffart, Grégoire Croidieu,
Phillip H. Kim, Ray Bowman
Even winners need to learn: How government entrepreneurship programs can support innovative ventures
Research Policy
May, 2020Murillo Campello, Gaurav Kankanhalli, Pradeep MuthukrishnanCorporate hiring under COVID-19: Labor market concentration, downskilling, and income inequality
National Bureau of Economic Research
2020Aruhn VenkatThe Spillover Effects of Bank Taxes on Corporate InvestmentDissertation, University of California, Irvine

Note: YE Time Series was previously known as YTS.

November 2017

How Technology-Based Start-Ups Support Economic Growth

J. John Wu and Robert D. Atkinson

Policymakers should focus on spurring high-growth, technology-based start-ups. These firms, by definition, seek to grow; they offer better-paying jobs; and they are almost always in export-based industries and help U.S. competitiveness.

Your Economy recognized as one of the top 10 resources available in the US valuable to entrepreneur-led development

“For years, first with the national Center for Rural Entrepreneurship and now e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, we have extensively used the resources of YE Time Series. Information from this remarkable resource is employed in our analysis with rural communities and regions. We have also worked with the BDRC team on customized analysis. Last year we recognized Your Economy as one of the top 10 resources available in the United States valuable to entrepreneur-led development.” – Don Macke, Vice President at e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Private Equity Creates Jobs in Key Legislators Districts

July 2019

BENJAMIN GLICK Associate, Marketing and Communications, ACG Global

Data shows PE-backed businesses outperform in districts of House Financial Services Committee members.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Appalachia

October 2018

EntreWorks Consulting, the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, and the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship on behalf of the Appalachian Regional Commission

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Appalachia is a collection of entrepreneurship research, case studies, and data from EntreWorks Consulting, the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, and the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship on behalf of the Appalachian Regional Commission.

Business Employment Data: YE Time Series Versus CES and CPS

May 2018

Gary Kunkle, PhD; Senior Research Fellow

This paper compares a leading private sector source of business establishment data, YE Time Series, with two employment datasets released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) – the Current Employment Statistics (CES) and the Current Population Survey (CPS).