Comparing Your Economy Time Series to NETS

 Your Economy Time Series National Establishment Time Series (NETS)  
Availability3 months after subject year.2-3 years after subject year.  
Operating establishmentsSeparates establishments that are verified as in business or are intending to be in business from paper companies – those only registered to hold title to real estate.[1]  Includes operating establishments and paper companies. Records do not indicate establishment status.  
Public company informationIncludes Central Index Key (CIK) values for 15,000+ companies that are, or have been, publicly traded.  Includes a public/private indicator.
Geographic areas availableUS, state, CBSA, county, congressional district, census tract and zip code.[2]  US, state, CBSA, county and zip code.  
Formats availableIndividual records, aggregated numbers, time series graphs via, custom graphs, charts and maps.  Individual records.
Data available from19981989  
Tracks corporate hierarchy via headquarters/branch links  Yes Yes
Reports jobs by establishment  Yes  Yes
Contact information for key executives  Available upon request.Available upon request.
Provided byUniversity of Wisconsin System    Walls & Associates
Reported time periodAnnually  Annually  
Source of dataTime series assembled from verified individual establishment records collected by Data Axle.  Time series assembled from individual establishment records collected by Dun & Bradstreet.  

[1] See the full database description at

[2] Census tract available from 2019.