US Publicly Traded Companies

To facilitate requested research projects concerning geographic distribution and jobs in publicly traded companies, the Your Economy Time Series database now uniquely contains the Central Index Key (CIK). The addition of this variable follows public companies through time and eases identification and cross-referencing with other data sources.

We identified just over 15,000 unique companies that are currently traded or were traded at some point since 1998. These companies have over 1.3 million affiliated branch establishments. Each branch location is coded, per year, to its corporate headquarters. All establishment records show geographic values: zip codes, FIPs codes and Congressional Districts as well as jobs and industry data per record, per year. The pattern of mergers and acquisitions, branch openings, closings and spin-offs are clearly visible on each branch record over time.

CIKs for companies whose headquarters is outside the United States are not tracked, nor do we include companies that are created solely to hold title to real estate or other financial instruments, nor those created solely to facilitate mergers (most of these firms are designated in the SEC’s Edgar database with SIC code of 6770- blank check).

The full set of public companies and related establishments may be licensed for the per project price of $15,000 USD. If you are working with co-authors, the price is per project, inclusive of all participants. If you are working on multiple projects that require this data, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sample data is available for exploration upon request.